Our History

Proud OwnersTri-County Animal Protection League was formed by a group of area citizens from Lee, Ogle and Whiteside counties. Led by Dixon’s own Dr. Harry Quick, this group of dedicated individuals worked tirelessly to find homes for stray and abandoned animals within this geographic area as well as encouraging pet owners to spay and neuter their pets. To this end, they established dialogue with local schools and organizations to help educate the public about the need to take a responsible approach to the problem of the growing population of unwanted animals.

TCAPL ShelterIn January 1985, after two years of planning, the Board of Directors of Tri-County Animal Protection League (TCAPL) voted to rent the property at 1258 N. Galena Ave. in Dixon, Illinois from Nagy and Wentling Construction for the sum of $200.00 per month. By March of that year, after many hours of mostly volunteer hard work and labor, TCAPL officially moved into their newly renovated facility. Doris Bergman, a Mount Morris native, became the first shelter manager.

By January of 1986, sufficient interest was shown from within the organization to make this location TCAPL’s permanent home. In February of that year, the Board of Directors empowered Bill Blackorby of Coldwell Banker Realty to begin negotiations to purchase the property. Negotiations were successful and, by the end of February, an agreement was reached.

By mid-1986, flooding of TCAPL’s new home first became an issue. Engineering firms were called in to attempt to come up with a remedy. The proposed solution was going to be expensive! Temporary solutions were attempted over the next few years with some success; however, by early 1993, the flooding again became a problem. Two electrical fires in the building indicated more complications as well.

TCAPL ShelterIt was at that point, in 1995, the Board of Directors made the decision to attempt building a new facility on the higher elevated portion of their property. A local Foundation, wishing to remain anonymous, pledged funds for the major costs of the project. Plans were drawn up by Viking Builders of Dixon and an application was made to the Dixon City Planning Commission for a variance to build this new facility.

Unfortunately, the Dixon City Planning Commission denied the variance request. TCAPL was told the property would be better suited for a business generating more sales tax revenue than our shelter. Ultimately, this decision was to have long lasting ramifications for TCAPL, leaving a desire of the Board of Directors of TCAPL to begin doing business as the Granny Rose Animal Shelter.

TCAPL thanks you, Granny Rose, for all you have done for us. Even though you have passed away and the foundation you directed, which supplied major funding for our organization, no longer exists, we will continually strive to make a difference for the animals in our community; thereby realizing your hopes and dreams for TCAPL. Thank you for your confidence and faith in our organization.