Read! Write! Rescue!

As of July, 2013, Joyful Journey Books and Granny Rose Animal Shelter have partnered to form a NEW literacy-based humane education program called “Read! Write! Rescue!” in an effort to bring books and materials to children and their teachers in Lee, Ogle, and Whiteside counties of Illinois.

“Rescue Pup” and “Rescue Kitty” are children’s fictional picture books, partly based on true stories…of so many homeless animals.

These touching stories are cleverly crafted in rhyming verse that make them fun for children and adults alike to read, while teaching about the serious topic of homeless animals and the need to be responsible, caring, and loving owners. They are stories worth reading time and again. Click here to order.



rescue pupRescue Pup

Nathan Behmlander fills every page with expressive illustrations that will be sure to tug at your heart strings from beginning to end! The main character, Buddy, is a young pup who has been abandoned and finally breaks free, only to be faced with many dangers as a stray. He experiences many of the same feelings as humans and wonders if he will ever find someone special to love and who will love him back. Find out what happens to Buddy in Rescue Pup.




Rescue KittyRescue Kitty

The main character, Cally, is a young cat who has been spotted by a boy who wants to discover why she is hanging around his house. After a suspenseful rescue mission, he and his mother discover there is one more surprise that awaits them. Find out what happens to Cally in Rescue Kitty.